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Glendronach 15 Year Old Revival Sherry Cask

Full bodied, smooth, and affordable

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@hunggarReview by @hunggar

28th Jan 2013


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This whisky is essential to any sherry lover's cabinet. It's got such a wonderful body and such rich complexity that I would recommend this were it twice the price. Luckily for us, it isn't. This whisky is very affordable and very good. I read a lot of reviews before I invest in a bottle, and I sometimes come up disappointed. This one lives up to the fantastic reviews it gets.

Nose: Orange chocolate for days. Mild spices and rich fruits. Complex.

Palatte: A ton of raisins and/or dates. Figs. I almost taste twigs. Not a wooden flavour, but earthy and, yeah, kind of twiggy (I might be wrong there). A strong sherried body with a lot of areas to explore. More citrus. Not lemon, orange. A bit of a rubber in there, but not too chemical. Some toffee comes up and smoothly pulls you into the finish.

Finish: Orange, mild spice, with the strong, dry sherry flavours still dancing about. The tannin is there, but its not aggressive. This whisky doesn't fade gently, instead it retains a lot of its core flavours from start to finish.

What a great dram. I would buy this even if I were a millionaire collector of fine, exotic, aged whiskies. It's got all the elements you want from a sherried whisky. There's a full, dynamic, rich body without any harshness. This whisky is big, bold, and beautiful without being too rough around the edges. Remarkably smooth given its bold presence. And once again, it's affordable! You won't be disappointed. You can trust the reviews on this one.

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Rigmorole commented

I have a bottle that I am looking forward to opening in the future. When I bought it, it was the last one in the store. Great review, hunggar!

10 years ago 0

Onibubba commented

Looking forward to getting my mitts on this one. The stores in my neck of the woods have the 12 or 18 only. Both worth trying by the way, but the 18 did not bowl me over at 114.00.

10 years ago 0

hunggar commented

Rigmorole; Appreciate your feedback to my reviews. New here, so I"m glad to see my reviews aren't falling on deaf ears. Onibubba; I haven't tried the 18, but from what I've heard the Revival is the best of the standard Glendronach releases, but I'm not free to confirm that personally, unfortunately. All I can say is that the Revival IS reasonably priced and very tasty. Worth hunting down to find IMHO.

10 years ago 0

hunggar commented

Just an update for you guys:

This bottle has changed quite dramatically since I first opened it a couple months ago. When I first popped it open there was a mild hint of rubber in this whisky. After leaving the bottle along for several weeks I have to say that rubbery flavour has taken over. It's gotten a heck of a lot worse. In fact, oxidization seems to have kicked this whisky's ass! I hope this is just a dud bottle, because my first impressions of this whisky were phenomenal.

New score: 72. Yeah, it's THAT much worse. I've never experienced such a dramatic decrease in quality, nor have I seen it happen so quickly. Ironically, I was told this was a very consistently good whisky with very few fluctuations in quality. Eeeesh.

10 years ago 0

Pudge72 commented

@hunggar...I know I am repeating myself from another thread, but I wanted to add the same note to this review for reference... a trick I was told about for a sherried, non-peated, bottle, where rubber or other sulphur-like notes have appeared (when not present before), is to add just a couple of small drops of water to the glass. This should dissipate the off notes, and bring back the good stuff!

10 years ago 0

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