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Glendronach 21 Year Old Parliament Sherry Cask

The Sherry A-Bomb

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12th Aug 2013


Glendronach 21 Year Old Parliament Sherry Cask
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Nose: Rich and opulent, sweet, slightly alcoholic, intense and fruity.

Palate: Burst of sweet grape, like the nose: intense, spice then wood then fruit, I don't know where it ends and where it starts, just a medley of flavour all at once yet utterly smooth and silken then creamy. A touch of sulphur seems to mar the otherwise impeccable delivery. Gently warming then dry and fruity like dried fruit.

Finish: Long and lingering, semblance of coffee and cocoa then wood and cigar box cedar. Tea like notes emerge.

Final thoughts: A sherry monster in sheep skin disguise. Veritable iron fist in a velvet glove.

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Alexsweden commented

How would you rate this compared to the 15 year old? My impression is that it is the best of the bunch. Personally I haven't had the pleasure of trying either yet.

8 years ago 0

sengjc commented

The 15 Year Old Revival is very good for the price and I will say is probably better value between the two. It probably has a cleaner palate and a "fresher" sherry profile. However, there is plenty of feedback on the forum that indicates the consistency between batches can vary noticeably.

The 21 Year Old Parliament has a portion of PX Cask matured malt and is sweeter, perhaps more intense as a result. The PX Cask maturation adds a different dimension to the flavour profile too - reminiscent of cognac.

Also adds an element of spiciness, some say, but to be honest, I personally didn't think it was all too spicy - probably because I am ok with spicy food.

8 years ago 0