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Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Date Night: Dinner with Glenfarclas

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

28th Apr 2012


Glenfarclas 12 Year Old
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So finally after months of trying to, my wife and I finally got a date night out. Now you might hear months of trying and go "sure, how much did you try?" Well my friends let me tell you!

My wife and I have been trying to go to this whisky bar called Helvetica. The first serious attempt was in February where I had a Monday and Tuesday off. So We make plans to head over Monday night, but we decide to give them a call first. We call and lol and behold they're closed Sundays and Mondays, and they open late on Tuesday so I can't go in early.

Second serious attempt my wife's and my year anniversary, I'm eagerly hoping that we'll be able to go there in celebration, problem: We're too poor as we just finished paying off all our debts and we literally have just enough money for a decent dinner and one dram of Talisker 10 yr old

Third serious attempt was just a couple weeks ago. I come down sick 4 days in advance of going, but manage to recover. However the day before we're supposed to go out and have our date night my wife comes down sick. No way I'm going to go out when she won't be able to taste what we're drinking. Thankfully my brother and sister in law who were going to join us decide to come over and bring his whisky collection for us to try. Huzzah for Epic brother in laws!!

Now there are many attempted plannings between attempts one and three, but something always comes up, either my wife has to work, I have to work, the dogs come down sick, etc.

Fourth and final serious attempt we make plans to go out a week in advance with my wife, brother in law, sister in law and a friend of all of ours. The day before we go out, our mutual friend develops a massive appendicitis infection and needs to have emergency surgery to have his appendix removed.

Sweet Baby Jesus!!

Someone, somewhere, REALLY does not want us to go to this whisky bar! We shall persevere though!

Our friend gives us his blessing and my wife and I continue with our plans to go to Helvetica.

We head into town and stop for dinner first. We're going to meet up with my brother and sister in law at Helvetica, but food first!!!

So we stop in an Italian joint and my wife orders a mojito, but I spy something very very nice that I haven't tried before.

Glenfarclas 12 yr old!!


Out it comes in a tumbler, but I can smell it from the table.

The nose: Almonds, caramel, raisins, and a touch of sherry. Almonds/raisins are what hits me first and it is quite lovely. Sherry and caramel sing in the background choir.

The Flavor: The fruits sing on the tongue! Raisins, chocolate, and saltiness dance around the tongue. There is a faint faint faint bite of the alcohol, but nothing too unpleasant.

The finish is not bad with the sherry and caramel singing through to the finish, but with some oak shouting out in a slightly unpleasant way with just a hint of smoking saving it from the oak.

My wife and I enjoyed this dram and it went quite nicely with my dinner and it felt like a good omen for the start of the evening as we left the restaurant to meet up with the in laws at Helvetica the whisky bar.

Now a bottle of Glenfarclas goes for around 90 dollars AUS at the local Dan Murphy's which seems like a fairly decent buy considering the quality of what I tasted.

Soon we arrive at Helvetica!

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Wills commented

Someone really doesn't want you to drink whisky at that bar ;) Enjoyed your blog-like review once again. Btw I am personally looking forward to taste the Glenfarclas range. The 12, 15, 18, 21 and 105 proof are all very affordable here in germany and from what I read, I am going to like them ;)

11 years ago 0

SquidgyAsh commented

Thank you for the kind words my friend! I'll be very interested in your reviews of them. Glenfarclas is one of those distilleries I've heard nothing but good things about!!

11 years ago 0

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