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Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

Peach Nut

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@vanPeltReview by @vanPelt

21st Nov 2013


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Nose: Peach/caramel/nut, overall. You can sniff off through layers: Thick nuts (almond or cashew) and salty butter. Then the main theme of fresh butter and peach. Peach becomes syrupy caramel, then vanilla, which softens to green grape. Let the vapors replenish and repeat! Very smooth; and you can give a good inhale without burn.

Palate: Luscious almond-infused juice of peach and sour cherry, with caramel. (Rather like persimmon.) Becoming fresh butter and red apple with some oaky vanilla and earthy tobacco.

Finish: Woodier and drier almond, but still a soft sweetness of creamy peach vanilla. Medium length. (Oxidation improves some sophisticated tannin.)

Very good and very even. Enjoyable flavors without noticeable flaws; those flavors could, however, be stronger, also in the finish.

Within Glenfarclas, I would first compare this to the 15yo. The nose of the 15 and 21 are similar (moreso than the 25/30) and lively. Perhaps the 21 is more peach, whereas the 15 is more creamsicle. But the palate has more differences, most noticeably providing less ginger/sour punch. I would say the 21 has more dry peach-almond-caramel rather than the 15's orange-walnut-dairy. The 21 is softer and better balanced, but somehow the 15yo still calls me, perhaps with stronger flavors. My choice would depend on the occasion. Incidentally, the 21 also bears similarities to the 40yo.

Compared with malts of other distilleries, I would first say this 21yo is similar to the Aberlour 18, but perhaps adding some peach/cream that I found lacking in the Aberlour (although at the sacrifice of some perky zest). I find the 21yo marginally better. The Glenlivet 25 is also similar, but shows more zest and less dairy/nut/caramel in the palate. And the Glenlivet's finish has more raisin/nectarine rather than peach/almond. The Glenlivet probably wins out just for providing somewhat fuller flavor, but this comes at a premium.

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Rigmorole commented

Thanks for the review. I must disagree with no disrespect with your comparison between the Farc 21 and the Aberlour 18. I recently owned both bottles and saw no such similarity whatsoever. The Farc is caramely and smooth, whereas the Aberlour 18 is almost bourbonesque with a much sharper profile.

I was intrigued with your Glenlivet comparison. I see the 25 sells for well over $300, however. And then we see once again the beauty and sensible luxury of Glenfarclas 21. The Glenfarclas 25 is a mere $160 where I live. Ah, what a bargain. This said, I could well prefer the 21 over the 25 depending upon my mood. I have a soft spot for the Glenfarclas 21. It is a longstanding favorite of mine. Thank you again for your time writing this very thoughtful review, vanPelt.

10 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Thanks rigmorole, I appreciate the feedback. I think comparisons are one of the hardest things to provide as a reviewer, but they probably can bring the most useful perspective. So thanks for adding; it improves the review-- and gives me a chance to improve it too. I agree with your assessment of the 2 malts' characteristics: the Farc is smoother/gentler/syrupy and the Ab is sharper/zestier/playful. So I believe we're not on 2 completely different planes! But I do think they have similarities whatsoever, though... notably: orange, vanilla, almond, butter, apple, oak. So I think you could understand one in terms of the other, even if they're not "very" similar (heck, I feel like I couldn't really say that for any 2 malts...). By the way, I also mean that I find them similar in being high quality. I wonder whether you (or other Connosrs) could name another, more similar malt.

And on the same topic, the Glenlivet 25 is more like the Ab18 than the Farc21. (More sharper notes, more lively.) So it is also not a perfect comparison to the Farc- but I still think worth mentioning, in case people want to explore based on liking it.

10 years ago 0

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