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Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

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11th Apr 2015


Glenfarclas 21 Year Old
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Glenfarclas 21 yr

3 weeks after opening bottle.

Snifter, splash of water.

This is a classy scotch, with a very well balanced array of delightful flavors. The transitions are very smooth and seem to come naturally without effort. No flavors seem forced (if that makes sense)...

With that said, working with this scotch has been a bit of a battle. Upon initially opening this bottle and pouring my first dram, it did not even smell like scotch. The taste was closed and the finish just burned and not in a good way. I have opened it for two or three 1oz sippers in the meantime, each time I had distinctly different tasting experiences, none were anything worth writing about. It was changing...

Now, after three weeks, it seems to have opened up. From my experience, keep everything at room temp. Shy away from using an ice cube, I would recommend not using a whisky stone if you typically do. If you use a splash of water, don't use cold water. I have no scientific explanation for this finding, just my own experience.

Nose-23: Sparkling grape juice from a distance, warm barley and butter as you bring your nose closer to the glass, red candied apple as you bring your nose even closer. Interesting how the aromas change from various distances.

Palate-22: Turbinado, grapes, sherry, honey, pears

Finish-21: A wave of warming prickly oak, leaves sherry, vanilla, and dry earth flavors behind it

Balance-23: Superbly balanced. Despite having strong distinct flavors, the transitions from flavor to flavor, and through the finish are long and smooth.


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