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Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

There Will Be Blood after this one

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

1st Mar 2013


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I feel sorry to make a good movie reference to a whisky that sucks but it kinda suits here:

There Will Be Blood was a good movie but it describes the feelings I had after a taste of the Glenfiddich 12 year old. Unlike Daniel Plainview, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, I'm not that keen on oil.

Even though the movie was good, it was a bit benumbing to watch towards the end. That's exactly what happened with Glenfiddich 12. Oil was literally dripping down my throat. It would have been OK if the other parts of this whisky had been good. They weren't...

Nose: Floral and malty. Some honey notes as well but the nose gives you a stingy report on what's coming.

Taste: Light and a bit watery for me. Floral notes are still there combined with spices but it has no character. All the flavors are very flat.

Finish: Oak and oil are the only things I can spot. Just very oily for my taste. I guess I should try to get some more tastes from it but I just gave up.

Overall: This is consistent – too bad it's a consistency of no character. Rough and light at the same time in a bad way.

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CanadianNinja commented

My friend...

There Will be Blood was a superb movie! ... HOW can you say Glenfiddich 12 sucks!!??

In my opinion, it's a great go-to whisky!! But... to each his own ; )

8 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

Sorry, for me Glenfiddich 12 just was one the worst single malts I've tasted. The weak finish with taste without character just didn't do it for me, maybe there's something wrong with my taste buds :), oh, and the oil, I think that oil just kept on going in the finish.

Yeah, I know...it's not coherent to refence something good with something that you don't like, but I just couldn't come up with another movie based on oil. And I got to admit, I love my title for this review...

8 years ago 0

broadwayblue commented

A 60? Seems a bit harsh for a decent if non-complex whisky.

8 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

I never really sat down with it, but I like it while continueing other activities, dont give it too much attention! Its the only single malt in the pool cafe I always go and the guy always serves me quadruple drams in a tumbler for €5,- :p

8 years ago 0

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