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Glenfiddich Pure Malt Special Reserve

Young and Clean

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@GlenmaxReview by @Glenmax

13th Mar 2010


Glenfiddich Pure Malt Special Reserve
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Being a first review from an unaccomplished writer please bear with me. The language and vocabulary will evolve over time. The first time I ever had scotch was many years ago during my Army days and happened to be the 12 year old expression from Glenfiddich. At the time I didn't place any thought into where it came from or its flavor profile. It was free, it was smooth, and I could easily carry the bottle around the party.

Now that I am older and have decided to take this style of whisky seriously and I wanted to write my first review. I decided this 12yr special reserve to be the appropriate starting point, especially since I did not appreciate what I was drinking when I was younger.

Drinking neat, the first things I notice is a light smell of carmelized brown sugar and pears. Not unlike an expensive desert at a nice restaurant. There were no other distinctive notes on the nose for me which was a little disappointing but not unwelcome.

The body was clean and moderatly oily. I could still taste the fruity pears but the brown sugar disappeared. It was warm but uncomplex and easy to drink but no fireworks. Slight smoke and quickly disappearing aftertaste.

I understand why many call this a gateway malt. No surprises and comes at you in a straight forward way. Supremely easy to drink but best left for those who want a few tugs and not reflect on what the are sampling. Certainly great for newbies but I am ready to move to the next level.

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LeFrog commented

An accomplished review in my opinion @Glenmax

14 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Indeed, good review.

14 years ago 0

PeatAndMeat commented

Nicely put. I'd like to try this and have added to my wish list.

14 years ago 0

BonnieMac commented

I didn't think I would like Glenfiddich, mostly because it was a staple on family bars and usually covered with dust, so I figured it must be pretty awful stuff. I was in NYC last weekend and since I wasn't driving I figured I would try whatever I saw and I was pleasantly surprised @ the 12yo! Like I stated in my 'profile' always willing to try something - and will put this in my glass again! Good review, keep writing more - it's not always easy to find certain whiskys @ bars before buying, but if the review reads as though it is something to be purchased, then I for one will take the plunge!

14 years ago 0