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Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

Baked apple Butter pie

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@galgReview by @galg

8th Feb 2011


Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix
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There is a saying that goes “If life hands you lemons, Make Lemonade”. this sums up really good what Glenfiddich just did! First the story: The winter of 2009 was really hard, and a lot of snow fell down. On Thursday Jan 7th , in the most remote part of the snow covered distillery, some of the warehouse roofs collapsed, ripped open by the sheer weight of snow, leaving maturing oak casks of Glenfiddich exposed to the winter sky. After some work done by the distillery men, the casks were all moved to a shelter. The distillery manager however,selected some casks from the damaged warehouse, from different ages (13-30) , different cask types (Sherry, Ex-Bourbon) to create a vatting that is unique. There are only about 10,000 Bottles which are selling like hot buns.

So, How good is it , worth the hype?

Let's taste:

Nose : Apples pears is butter. Malt and honey some vanilla. A cookers delight. Palate: Oak , malt honey and some spice. Again quite buttery. Nuts and sugar as well as baked apples. Finish : malty nutty. Baked apples.

Bottom line:

I am not a huge Glenfiddich fan, and i had high expectations from this bottle, as i heard it was good from more than one person… At first tasting i was a bit disappointed with it, but on second tasting, it appealed to me more, and i really began to enjoy it. It’s not a standard Glenfiddich, and it’s well made. However, the price is a bit steep (even though there are some older casks inside – up to 30 years). The packaging is interesting, and surly would look good on your shelf, that’s for sure. It’s very good, yet not great.

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bwmccoy commented

I completely agree with this review and the scoring. I was invited to a Glenfiddich "Cask of Dreams" event in Seattle, WA in April 2011. For the first part of the event, they passed out samples of the 12, 15 and 18 year old vintages. I had previously tasted Glenfiddich 12 and was not impressed. This event was my first opportunity to taste the 15 and 18 year old. The 18 year old is pretty good and I enjoyed the 15 year the best of the three. Toward the end of the event, they started passing out samples of Snow Phoenix. I was very impressed with the nose, more so than the taste, but it is very drinkable. My wife especially liked it, so we purchased a bottle yesterday. I took it to a family poker night / scotch tasting last night. It was well recieved and everyone agreed it was better than a typical Glenfiddich and was an enjoyable dram. I don't think I would purchase it again due to the price ($95 US in WA state), but since it is a limited bottling and since it is so drinkable, it was worth a one-time purchase.

12 years ago 0

Lars commented

Sounds like this would be to my liking. Is it still available? I cannot get mail order here in this province so I'll have to try my luck in North Dakota this weekend. Thanks for the review.

12 years ago 0

sorren commented

This is a fantastic "fiddich" although i do believe there are way more than 10,000 bottles, well minus 4 at least... the taste is young and green, but with a hint of maturity to it...

12 years ago 0

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