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Glenglassaugh Evolution

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Glenglassaugh Evolution

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Glenglassaugh Evolution

Warm sweet thick barley rich loaded arrival followed by a herbal and yellow fruit middle developing a vegetable filled dry fast finish.


Glenglassaugh Evolution is a cask strength, first fill bourbon cask matured dram. 2nd release (following Revival) by the recently re-opened Glenglassaugh Distillery.

We started our Speyside blind tasting with Evolution and I'm sure that it might have had a better score if it hadn't been the starter.

I got more out of it by adding water (score went up from 76 to 79). I was stunned to hear it's age (about 3-4 years). That's why Glenglassaugh Evolution is truly the Underdog story.

Nose: Light and fruity green. Crispy berries take over after a while. Added water brings a fresh feel of sea air.

Taste: Sweet and fruity but delicately crispy as well. Spicy. Added water makes it softer and brings out the deep butterscotch from underground. Brings some junipery berries too.

Finish: Fast, sharp, woody and nutty.

Balance: Full bodied and enjoyable dram with lots of positive surprises. Young age does show but didn't expect it to be this young...

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This is the new Glenglassaugh, with which I mean to say that it was produced under the stewardship of Stuart Nickerson and his new team. After the Glenglassaugh Revival, the first release, comes this Evolution. This whisky matured on first fill bourbon casks from Tennessee, the George Dickel distillery.

The nose is not grainy or spirity as I would have expected from a rather young animal. A bit buttery with loads of vanilla. Apples and pears are kept firmly under the thumb by toffee and butterscotch. Nice touch of coconuts. Hints of hay.

Sturdy body, I must say. Honeysweet from the butterscotch and vanilla with lovely spices. Some woodspice and aniseed. Golden Delicious apples and sweet pears. Coconut again. A nice continuation of the nose. Does not need water.

On the fairly long finish, it is the coconut that lingers.

Wow, to be honest I had not expected this new Glenglassaugh to be so good. This is truly enjoyable. Just under 70 EUR. Thanks, Johan, for this nice birthday gift.


Nose: A lot of vanilla and butterscotch. Very nice. The High ABV is not evident. Pepper. Apple peel and hint of pear and fresh cut grass too.

Palate: Lovely oak influence here. Quite buttery with ample vanilla , Pear juice. Soft cinnamon spice , sprinkled with white pepper. ending on toasted oak.

Finish: Wood , pear and apple peel. Bitter and dry.

It’s a lovely dram, at this age, and at CS, really is very very drinkable. It’s not amazingly complex, but wait another 5 years, and this liquid is going to be smashing! As for pricing, I do think it’s a bit on the expensive side. at almost 50 quid for a young (max 4yo) NAS, is not cheap at all.

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