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Glengoyne 10 Year Old

Simply Good

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@vrudy6Review by @vrudy6

2nd Sep 2014


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The Glengoyne distillery sits on the southern border of the Highlands region near the Lowlands. It is so close to the border that the distilling takes part on the Highland side while the barrels age across the street on the lowlands. Glengoyne is known for their no-peat philosophy, and their patience in their distilling method. They claim to distill their spirit the slowest in Scotland. Hence, unlocking the natural flavors of the malted barley as much as possible, creating a smooth, malty-rich spirit.

NOSE: Apples, caramel, malt, stewed pears, graham crackers, a bit of honey, slightly herbal.

PALATE: The taste is true to the nose. Delicate, sweet, apples, the stewed pears appear at mid-palate along with a dash of fresh barley. This is dangerously smooth. The sweetness remains. Caramel, a touch of honey, and slight herbal. The herbal notes are more dominant when sipping this outside in the hot South Florida summer. A slight bitterness appears and counters the sweetness just enough not to become overwhelming.

Glengoyne claims "nutty" notes. I only found a treacle when the bottle was first opened, but no more. And that's it. Fairly simple. To the point. No bells. No whistles. Very good nonetheless.

I wasn't expecting this to be so good after reading some of the reviews. It's Simple, but not simple enough to make it boring. At $35 bucks it's a bargain!

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