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Glengoyne 17 Year Old

Citrus Sherry All the Way

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@BenancioReview by @Benancio

19th Oct 2012


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I bought this online at KL for $50 just a few months ago and I’ve already gone through half the bottle. With all the open bottles I have that’s a little unusual. The other odd thing is I thought my score would have come out higher considering how much I liked it and how fast I drank it.

Glengoyne uses completely un-peated malt and I can say I detect absolutely no peat, not that that’s a bad thing. They claim their malt is air dried and the mash has a very slow distillation rate. It sounds like they are in no hurry to make this scotch.

Oloroso casks from Spain are used for their whisky. The sherry spends about two years in the casks before they are broken down and shipped to Glengoyne. The fact that the casks only spend 2 years with sherry in them explains the milder sherry flavor in this scotch. I like that the sherry flavor to this scotch is in balance and on the milder side. I don’t like overly sweet sherried scotches.

Smell: Light citrus sherry sent. This is NOT the dark fruit sherry like Macallan. Right away you can smell that familiar scotch sent. Malted barley, and vanilla cake. Honey(mead) comes out after a little water is added. It smells so nice and light, no detectable offensive scents. I can smell orange zest, banana, marmalade, dried apricots. No real floral notes.

Palette: It has a buttery mouth feel, not dry and distinct pepper spice. It’s lightly sweet and I tiny bit bitter.

Finish: The finish is moderate to long. The lighter sherry flavor allows some of the other flavors to hang out awhile. It’s a well balanced.

Conclusion: The only complaint about this scotch is that there’s a very slight metallic flavor to it. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the spicy peppery burn that is bringing out this metallic note, every so light that it is.

I think I’ll seal cap with tape and store it for a year and see if my notes change. I must have liked it went down pretty quick. Recommended

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