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Glengoyne 17 Year Old

Yessir, this one's a keeper!

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RReview by @Rigmorole

13th Feb 2013


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Nose: Raspberries, clover, sugar wafer, white chocolate, honeycomb

Palette: perfect delivery, holds off and then gently swells to a crescendo: clover honey, pistachio ice cream, cashews, halvah, moonbeams, faerie's treacle, the stuff dreams are made of.

Finish: long but delicate and it goes on and on, decrescendo: peanut butter wafer, honey, sea salted caramel

NOW THIS is a desert whisky and so much more. It's not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a delicate beauty with a decidedly feminine persona. Chicks would dig this whisky, but so would burly hairy chested men who are willing to admit what tastes delicious without whacking their tastebuds with a salty plank. In my prime, I regularly bench pressed 350 lbs and squatted much more when I played American football and rugby in college, and Iove a good strong Islay single malt, hell, I even have a dog that I named "Islay," but sometimes a nice delicate and floral whisky is just what the witch doctor ordered. When my girlfriend tasted this whisky tonight, she instantly loved it. This and Peat Monster are her two favorites in our cupboard at the present time. Go figure. I was shocked when she took to Peat Monster last week, but she did, even though she waters it down quite a bit. . . .

At any rate, GG17 is indeed an underrated treasure from the "line" between the highlands and lowlands. How could I have not known about this distiller? What a much needed pleasant surprise after two recent failures over the past month buying a bottle of Highland Park 18 and a bottle of Dalmore 15 that turned out to be overwrought garbage.

My cap's raised high in the direction of Glengoyne! Tapadh leat!

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Alanjp commented

Great review, and find it hard to disagree! Glengoyne to me has a very warming smoothness to it throughout the range, the 17 is a great advertisement for the distillery!

7 years ago 0

WhiskyBee commented

Stock up while you can. The 17 yo was discontinued last fall, replaced by a 15 yo and 18 yo in Glengoyne's range. Somewhat predictably, the 15 will retail for about the same price as the old 17, while the 18 will cost about 64% more.

I liked the 17 too, and I'll miss it. I'm down to just under half a bottle, and it's getting hard to find.

7 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

This one has gone down in my estimation over time. It is not holding up. I'm getting tired of it. Sickly sweet with not enough depth.

7 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

It's going up again. The flavor is at it's peak half way into the bottle. I am really liking "The Goyne" these days. A great bottle!

7 years ago 0

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