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Glengoyne 1972 vintage

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Glengoyne 1972 vintage

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Glengoyne 1972 vintage

Glengoyne, for me, is a bit of a hit or miss distillery. Their 17 year old is quite terrible while the 21 is sheer class. At the same time the 10 and 12 are decent in their own rights. So, while I had heard a lot of good things about the '72 (bottled 2011), I was reluctant to pre-judge.

What greeted me was one of the most heady noses I have encountered in a long time. Intense boiled sweets, citrus peach and apple smashed together with ripe bananas and served in a large oak bowl sprinkled with fudge. If you're standing I suggest you sit down for this one.

The medium bodied delivery is very nice (though not at par with the nose, I must admit) with passion fruit, clove, warm brown chocolate and tender dates.

A medium spicy finish of figs, raisins and husky cinnamon end a very delightful tasting experience.

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