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Glengoyne 21 Year Old

The Highland Stigma

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11th Apr 2011


Glengoyne 21 Year Old
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A little introduction is in order for my title. Back when I had a far more inexperienced palate and was quite ignorant of the whisk(e)y world, I did not think for some reason I would ever enjoy Highland whiskies. Good thing I was introduced with this whisky, as it shut my trap and opened my mind to the highlands. Without any more wasted words, my review.

N:Caramel and vanilla, with hints of apple beneath. Lightly poached green fruit and cinnamon with malty cereals. A spice follows but is not very prominent along with buttery toffee. Notes of sultry dark chocolate waft about. B:Medium amount of oil showing on the glass with thick beads on a large lip, with legs of moderate thickness falling slowly. The colour is a dark, rich copper. T:A neat fruit medley opens on the palate and soon changes into baked apple, cinnamon sweetness with a lightly toasted feel. Christmas cake is introduced with syrupy pears followed by a good dose of reoccuring dark chocolate. F:Vanilla starts off soon changing to heather honey. The honey feels glazed and forms into more vanilla effortlessly making a very smooth mellow sweetness. More baked goods and apple joins the lot giving the feel of a rich apple fritter with glazed vanilla drizzled on it.

This whisky is amazing, I personally love it but seldom get around to opening it for reasons unknown. Either way I look at this whisky I get a good feeling about it. The colour is so rich and the body of the whisky on the palate really follows suit. A definite recommendation to all interested in the Glengoyne line.

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Rigmorole commented

Why is your rating a mere 82 if you find this whisky "amazing" and you "personally love it"?

11 years ago 0