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Glenkeir Treasures Islay

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Glenkeir Treasures Islay

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Glenkeir Treasures Islay

Nose: Smokey brine and vanilla.

Palate: Utterly delicious. Bonfire smoke and honey with a creamy vanilla custard.

Finish: Warming. Smokey and smooth with chocolate notes and hints of coffee. Dry oak.

Balance: Consistent. There is smoke everywhere but it's never over-powering. The creamy sweetness is always in the background.

I love this... really. It's not just the fact that it was under 30 quid a bottle (but it helps) - hard to believe for The Whisky Shop - but the fact that this is a lesson in how to blend two young Islay whiskies with great results. The salty smoke is there, you'd expect that of course, but so is a smooth creamy sweetness. This is mouth-watering. It's a shame that it's now discontinued and I'd like another bottle.

I never heard of this, so I ran it through the ol' Google machine to learn myself up.

So it's a blend of Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain? Cool. Any idea whether the Bunnahabhain is peated? I'm wondering whether this is two peated malts working together or Caol Ila "tempered" with unpeated malt.

I suspect the latter. The Caol Ila seems tempered somewhat. I didn't know what either whisky was until I sampled in store. Got the Bunnahabhain in a flash. Caol Ila was the natural other choice.


Glenkeir is The Whisky Shop's own whisky range - and this is a vatted malt comprising whisky from Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain distilleries. This is very drinkable. Dom's review

"Nose: Oily and gloopy, a smoky steam engine, sweet pear and fluffy apple round the edges, and there's hints of rich butter pastry filled with tinned cherry and clotted cream. Palate: Snaps initially, so that an early apple note disappears under a wall of peat and pepper, which gives the green fruit at the centre a bit of a kicking. Fades away late on though, and there's a bit of a bump late on. Finish: Thankfully the peat pulls it all round in style."

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