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Glenkinchie 12 Year Old

Goes with pasta!

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

11th Oct 2009


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Never having tasted the 10yo, I cannot make any comments about it being a step up or not. Having said that, let me just say that it's got a flowery nose with some vanilla.

It's medium-bodied and sweet. Even a tiny bit buttery and with a long, herbal finish.

I had pasta with curry sauce and cooked scampi for dinner and believe it or not, this whisky went very well with it - I, at least, would never have thought that. A pleasant surprise. But still this whisky is rather 'mainstream' in my book.

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roberto commented

I agree with your review. I tasted it yesterday in a bar, a discret dram, but too light form me. 6,5 is my rating. Sweet and low-bodied, the final is too short. This is the first lowlands whisky I ever tasted, I think to don't buy the bottle (almost 30€ in the store).

12 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

Hi @Markjedi1, you must have premium taste buds ... for me, food ruins the taste of any whisky, and adds a bitter and hot character to it. And so, I have to wonder if perhaps your review had been tainted (unless the review came before dinner) ? But I do agree that Glenkinchie 12 is quite a lackluster malt.

12 years ago 0

Pierre commented

So Mark the whisky sounds quite ordinary but pasta with curry sauce sounds a little off the beaten track ;-)

12 years ago 0

LeFrog commented

Yes, Mark.. pasta, curry sauce and scampi. A Belgian specialty perhaps? ;-)

12 years ago 0

Glenmax commented

Curry, while instantly given to indian food, can be quite diverse. I have used it in many un-traditional ways. Including a rub for pork and beef. A true underated multitasker spice. Coming back to topic, the Glenkinchie 12 is a fairly bland and light whisky that could complement pasta, fish, or pork meals nicely. Under most circumstances I prefer Whisky to be a post meal drink (defering to wine or beer). This is one time I would make an exception and one time that I would welcome the GK 12 on my table.

12 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

Pasta with curry cream and shrimp is very popular in our region.

I'm not a fan of food with whisky either (by this I mean complete meals, not just a piece of chocolate or an oister to complement it).

12 years ago 0

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