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Glenlivet 16 Year Old Nadurra


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@AlexswedenReview by @Alexsweden

25th Apr 2015


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I have a faiblesse for cask strength whisky. I have had other Glenlivets and found them nice but perhaps lacking Power. The NĂ durra CS does not lack Power nor taste.

Nose First whiff I'm being met by delicious green apples, citrus, oranges and mandarins. A real fruitbasket. Putting my nose to it again I begin to sense some vanilla notes accompanied by biscuit, pineapple and apple juice. It is not at all sharp even with the alcohol pushing 55%. Mildly floral but mostly an explosion of summer fruits.
Allowing it to breathe does open it up and bring some additional elements to the aroma. Greek Retsina wine and a very creamy vanilla with fresh pears.
Adding water brings out sweet bourbon notes, distinct wood and lets of an aroma of vanilla-pear icecream. Swedish icecream stick called "päronsplit".

Palate When introducing this finely scented nectar to your tongue you are reminded that it is a cask strength whisky. But, not at all in a bad way. It is a bit prickly and it packs some alcohol burn but it is Not "alcoholic" to the feel. I'm tasting vanilla, green apples, vanilla custard. It has a slight and pleasant bitterness. Adding water makes it much more floral and emphasises the very creamy vanilla in company with frangipane and a pleasantly bitter apple.

Finish The vanilla custard stays on for the duration of the trip. A slightly unripe apple that is bitter takes the backseat. Pineapple and a very slight peppery note.

It is not the most complex dram I've ever had. It's a bit reminiscent of the 18yr old but "more" in every aspect. A nice, somewhat light CS Bottling that is very unoffensive yet flavourfull.

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Lifewaterforce commented

Fellow swede here! Nice review, never been dissapointed with the Nadurra it's a really good range of CS whiskies, i have the November batch from 2010 as one of the most beautiful whiskies i have tried. Glenlivet have a fairly bland range of single malts usually but so glad they have a bottling that delivers good consistent quality, do you know what batch this is?

6 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

hej! :)

I agree. The Glenlivets I've had in the past has never been ill-tasting but nothing spectacular either. A bit too gentle for my tastes.

I apologize for not putting down the batch-number. Given the amount of serious anoraks on here I should've known better.. ;) This one is bottled 8/14 and the batch is named 0814D.

6 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

No problem, as long as one puts the ABV % it is possible for the readers to find the batch nr. but thank you for clearing it up anyways :) I feel Glenlivet is a whisky you start out with, as its gentle and pleasant (12&15 yr old) and then you revisit with the Nadurra.

Ha det bra!

6 years ago 0

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