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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - Original

Three Strikes - You're Out!

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@joshkReview by @joshk

19th Jan 2012


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This now makes the 3rd time I've taken notes tasting this. Tasting this before I've have held judgment until I was sure of my opinions. Others has commented on this being a good whisky but for my tastes it's just not drinkable. This time the tasting was in combination with the 3 other common Glenmorangie finished varieties as well (quick notes on them at the end). My notes are all similar for the 3 tastes of the Original so I will combine them here:

  • Nose: Grassy, citrus, some fruit sweetness - like apricot.

  • Palate: Pretty light in body. Citrus, grassiness - more floral meadow this time. A little vanilla sweetness comes and goes in a flash. All this quickly becomes overwhelmed by the finish.

  • Finish: Bitter, acidic burn. Leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Tasting the 3 others of the main line I'd order them Nectar D'or, Quinta Ruben, Lasanta, Original. The grassiness and bad finish was common throughout. The Sauternes casks of the Nectar D'or did the best job of balancing it out the citrus with more sweet and floral notes. I'd give that a score in the low 80's. The Lasanta just made the finish even more bitter.

After multiple attempts the 10 year Original just don't work for me at all. Water didn't make much difference. Some reviews of this on Connosr are pretty positive but for me I will not be tasting this ever again.




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RoganFox commented

Tend to agree with you on this one. I have tried very hard to like the 10yr Original particularly as I enjoy the Nectar D'Or. However each time I give it another chance it just disappoints. I will give it a few more chances but think the writing is on the wall for me.

10 years ago 0

joshk commented

@RoganFox I tasted this with my bother-in-law and he had similar opinions as well. My wife actually doesn't mind the Original but still finds the Nectar D'or better.

10 years ago 0

talexander commented

The first (and thus far only) Glenmorangie I've had is the Quinta Ruban and I was greatly disappointed. I have a bottle of Nectar D'Or at home that I just haven't gotten around to opening (but I should, damn it) and am also still keen to try the Original...but I think I'm just not big on the heavily tannic finishes.

10 years ago 0

talexander commented

Oh, let me correct - I did try the Sonnalta PX (which I liked more) and the Signet (which was OK)...

10 years ago 0

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