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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old - Original

Orange, Pear, and Apple Cordial

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@VictorReview by @Victor

22nd Aug 2012


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The Glenmorangie 10 year old "Original" is the basic malt on which the Glenmorangie line is based. It is popular and mild. The reviewed bottle has been open 2 years and hasn't changed much over that period of time

Nose: slight to moderately sweet orange, pear, and apple, a bit of background barley-malt scent, and slight echoes of wood. Sweet

Taste: the flavours from the nose translate onto the palate, with more sweetness. This long opened bottle is also sweeter still than it was early on. This bottle has shown almost no sour or bitter evolution over long oxidation. This is easy-drinking, very mild-mannered, and pleasant

Finish: moderate length for the fruit, with a long warm sweet glow to follow

Balance: there is a reason why this is tremendously popular among the general public of Scotland. It is pleasant, it is easy. It tastes good, if you like the fruit themes and some easy sweetness to go along with them. This is usually not a "destination whisky" for hard-core malt voyageurs, but it is certainly agreeable. The 10 yo Original is also more predictable in its quality and its characteristics than some of the wine-finished expressions that are based upon it

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Victor commented

After having it pointed out to me by @SquidgyAsh, I noted that the 43% ABV expression of Glenmorangie Original which I (and three other US-based Connosr members) reviewed does not appear to be shared by any other non-USA regions for release. 40% ABV appears to be the standard, everywhere but in the US.

7 years ago 0

teebone673 commented

Thanks for the review, Victor. This has always been a favorite of mine. In my opinion Glenmorangie Original is fairly complex for an entry level malt. Always consistent and pretty easy on the wallet. Can't go wrong here.

6 years ago 0

Victor commented

I am currently sampling from 2 different non-reviewed bottles of Glenmorangie Original both of which were gifted to me as partial bottles. One of the bottles tastes to me almost exactly like my tasting notes from this old review. That one would rate 87 points from me and is a delight to drink. I understand why only 1/3rd of this bottle survived a party bar. The other bottle is not quite as good, with less sweetness and a lot of muddling of the flavours. I actively disliked that bottle when it was first given to me, 90% full 18 months ago, and would have rated it then at 65 points. 18 months later it is tasting better to me, but not like all of the other Glenmo Original I have had. A current rating on this one would be 75 points, which bodes much better for the prospects of my eventually drinking the rest of this bottle. Where does Glenmomorangie get that sweet orange flavour? I really like that in both malt whisky and in bourbon.

2 years ago 0

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