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Glenmorangie 1993 Ealanta 19 Year Old Virgin Oak Casks

Moorish Spicy Vanilla Chews

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@BradisReview by @Bradis

3rd Oct 2013


Glenmorangie 1993 Ealanta 19 Year Old Virgin Oak Casks
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Glenmorangie is the brand that first pulled me away from peaty lands of Islay after I tasted both the Qunita Ruban and Nector D'or at one of the few whisky bars in Perth called Helvetica's and enjoyed them both immensely. So when I spied the Ealanta on a scouting trip to a little boutique bottle shop called Devine Cellars, my minds amazing ability to justify the purchase kicked in and led to me leaving the store with grin in place and bottle in hand. I will admit that the spiel about Mark Twain may have played a part as well...

3 months later the bottle is finished and below are the tasting notes from a session with a good friend of mine.

Colour: light gold silk

Nose: Instant memories of childhood Vanilla milk chews! Initially this reminded me of a very smooth bourbon however following the initial nosing more of the background flavours started rolling in. Hints of orange and maple custard with a sting of freshly shaved wood. After a few minutes i started getting a residual scent of dark butterscotch. (22)

Palate: Hmmm initial flavour is a hit of creamy oak, this then transforms on the tongue to a strong vanilla followed by a wave of spice; cloves, pepper and cinnamon. (22)

Finish: The finish is the nose bought to life, a beautiful flood of candied vanilla and milk chews dominates with a slight burnt caramel twist. If I lick around my mouth the spices are there buzzing on the back of cheeks (23)

Balance: Everything just works together so well. The nose transforms on the palate into something with a bit more kick and then returns to its original form on the finish. Very easy drinking, soooo easy. (22)

Final Score of 89

An amazingly tasty whisky, the Ealanta is not the most complex in regards to the flavours that can be discovered, but it is very moorish. So far this bottle has bought two new drinkers into the whisky fold and i am yet to share this with someone who has not enjoyed it. The only issue i have is that of every bottle i have ever owned this one lived the shortest life...and that makes me sad.

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Rigmorole commented

This review, which made international news, is strange (Huffington Post and other newspapers). It is the first review written by Bradis and was skyrocketed to fame around the world.

I'm wondering what sort of contacts Bradis (aka "Drew") has. He wrote five more reviews after this one and dropped off the map two months later.

I almost don't buy it (as mere chance and a first well written whisky review). Serendipity like that is practically unheard of.

9 years ago 0