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Glenmorangie Astar


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7th Mar 2013


Glenmorangie Astar
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Legs: moderate, to be expected for a young whisky.

Color: Pale yellow.

Nose: Needs 15 minutes in the glass. After that, hints of vanilla nougat surface with a little oak. After 25 minutes: strong pear/bourbon influence comes through and mingles with the rest.

Taste: Heavy alcohol tang (not in a good way); pronounced pear and bourbon; La Florentine Torrone; bitter oak (unpleasant).

Finish: malt; bitter oak; a hint of honey.

Comments: This dram was a disappointment, clearly. I will not be buying a bottle of the Astar, after all.

Considering how thoughtfully Glenmorangie bought a stand of oak trees in the US, leased out the new barrels to a US bourbon distiller, and then used them for this whisky, I would call all of the effort pointless for such a young whisky. It is lost due to the young brash nature of this bottle. Too bad.

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Rigmorole commented

A teaspoon of water improved my dram.

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

All of the talk about "creamy" this and "tropical" that simply was not in the glass for me.

11 years ago 0