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17th Dec 2011


Glenmorangie Signet
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Well, where to start with this "oddity" ? Heathrow Terminal 5 to be precise, where I sit now, in First Class splendour, the sumptuousness of the surroundings blending with the opulence of the whisky. Its a lot cheaper here too (to buy the whisky). Glenmorangie have certainly stretched many flavour and balance envelopes in their impressively diverse whisky range. This one has strong caramel, chocolate and figs in the nose, and the smoothness and unctuousness of the taste are remarkable. Not for all tastes, for all palates of course. Too rich and hedonistic for say the Swedes, who thrive more on more astringent qualities, of pith and peat (and mighty fine they can be too of course). This frankly is more a aged brandy than a fiery whisky, but, it only goes to show, if show it be needed to do, how remarkably diverse and contrasting the world of whisky can be. Explore it, let your inner child go, indulge your fetid fantasies, your toothsome tantelisations, and embrace this bombastic bastion of braggadocio.

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soledoc commented

This is possibly the finest whisky in my entire collection. I adore this stuff. "Oddity" is a good word for it. I use it for special occasions and special guests. It's on my top shelf in the center. Fantastic stuff and not too terribly high priced for what it is. Cool bottle too. I can never tell how much is left.

12 years ago 0