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Glenmorangie Traditional

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Glenmorangie Traditional

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Glenmorangie Traditional

The Glenmorangie Traditional Cask is basically the 10 year old at cask strength, un-chill filtered and without any coloring. This is as raw as a Glenmorangie will get.

A bit like new-make the nose is flush full of tropical fruits like mangoes, papaya and apricots enveloped in a, not-so-unpleasant, cloud of brine. Oxidization brings out woody chocolate citrus overtones which sit nicely atop all the fruits. (Note: a drop of water made the spirit sweeter and more biscuity / malty).

The palate is quite intensely spicy with a white pepper burst. Let it traverse your palate and the spirit mellows down to a honey pudding sweetness. (Note: a drop of water made the mouthfeel creamier but did not add to the flavor profile).

The finish is a touch chalky without being bothersome.

Am I impressed? Sure, why not?

Yeah loved this one too, I usually drink peated stuff, but this fruitbomb provided a welcome change to the bogmonsters. At a tasting, a lady who works for a big whisky importer in the Netherlands told me there's more to it than being just the 10 year old at cask strength; they used different (better quality) barrels and apparently its a mix of different ages with an average of about ten years. It sells for over €150 now :p


Oh Im so thankful for such great friends! One of them invited me to come watch BBC´s Wonders of the universe and sip some of this unchillfiltered, cask strength expression of the standard 10yr old. How could I decline? The documentary was great I guess but the whisky stole my attention completely so I didnt see much of it. It comes in a nice, vintage looking open box in a litre bottle, very nice presentation and after tasting I understood why they put it in a bigger bottle. One sip of this makes you wanting more and more and more.

Color: Light gold, looks very fresh and young; like you would expect with this type of whisky.

Nose: without water a little pale in the beginning and a bit alcoholic, but with some water it quickly releases the smells and it keeps evolving in the glass. Vanilla, fresh oak, nice floral notes; especially chamomile, buttercake, green apple, peach, orange oil and somewhere in the back... is that some peat/smoke?!. The longer you wait, the fruitier it becomes, like a candy shop in a field of flowers. Light, happy and complex, excellent!

Arrival: Big and strong, comes in quick but its not suble, delicate strength, not harsh or alcoholic at all and I just used 3 drops of water on a 30ml dram. Just take small sips:) It starts with big sweet barley, big oak, abricot, flowery honey, fresh white bread, cashew nuts, and developes into calvados, creme brulee and some smoke/ash. You can hold this in your mouth for ages without it getting dull, it keeps releasing new sweet, salty, woody flavors and takes your attention away from whatever you were doing. It also tastes very organic.

Finish: first a nice kick! Big oak, barley, very nice ripe cherry flavours pop up while the peaches and oranges dry in the background. Young, long and bittersweet:)

This is just great stuff... Its a gigantic, gentle, young, sexy, complex, crystal clear fabulously balanced, woody fruit symphony. Its like having an erotic dream and the most beautiful, sweet and funny girl you know is starring:p At cask strength, this is still very drinkable and the water I used was only to open up the nose. Sit back, turn off the tv, take a sip and ponder about the wonders of the universe.

Great review! I'll be looking for this one in my travels. Thank you.


Sometimes the flash presentation boxes are used to make up with lack of talent, the traditional expression does need the hype. This is much richer than Glenmorangies usual output. Where Glenmorangie is a usaul recommendation for an intro malt, this is not, 'morangie is also know for being a nice after dinner or afternoon Dram, Traditional is a nice winter warmer.


Very light in colour, pale and bright bronze. Buttery and floral nose ... some clover honey notes. Finish is LONG and strong on oak plank and clove, but not much flavour to start. After a drop of water even more sweetness comes to the fore on the nose and flavours become more pronounced; brighter phenols and chewier flavours.

I've only read good things about this


Maple syrup or sweet ice cider wines on the nose. Calvados with kick flavour scotch. Rich beyond reckoning with a finish that is very hot.

We need to come back to this, right now it comes off too hot and too rich to be enjoyable.

I longed for this dram for some time and got my hands on it oh, about 6 months ago or so. One of my fave Glenmos for sure!

you will enjoy it more ones u become used to it's strenght. a 6 is way to low, trust me you will start to like it...


Holy cow! This liquid proves you do not need to be a smokey/peaty whisky to be a manly whisky. At first whiff this thing punched my right in the face with a handful of oak, cloves and more spirit than the "holy ghost". Palate: fruity, vanilla, oak and some unexpected, albeit a slight amount of, smoke. Finish? Long, spicy, burny, fruity. This is a "should not have had this on lunch" type of dram. Big fan!

I'll re-read the bottle but, I don't think there is an age statement. WIth the amount of spirit involved, I want to say it's pretty young (10yrs at most). It's only lived in one cask, new wood from the Ozarks. I expected it to be like the Astar but it was very different.

It may have burn but, it's a good burn - keeps you coming back for more. I'm not one to add water. My take on water is that the bottlers bottled the liquid like this for a reason. They get paid to do that stuff. Who am I to change their vision? It's like asking a master chef from a 5 star restaurant for some salt. My opinion only...

I have a bottle of this in my cabinet, probably the third bottle of it for me. It's a duty free bottle. 1 Litre size for US customs. I'll have to come back with my own review, when I don't have a cold. What I can tell you now is that this is a favorite among my poker buddies. Everybody likes it. Okay, not everybody. People who like big whiskies like it. I tend to add a splash of water most of the time. It really does open it up past the burn to some nice flavors. For the record, I would never call this a beast. Thanks for the review.

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