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Glenmorangie Traditional

Knock yer socks off!

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@yossiyitzakReview by @yossiyitzak

25th Aug 2009


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Holy cow! This liquid proves you do not need to be a smokey/peaty whisky to be a manly whisky. At first whiff this thing punched my right in the face with a handful of oak, cloves and more spirit than the "holy ghost". Palate: fruity, vanilla, oak and some unexpected, albeit a slight amount of, smoke. Finish? Long, spicy, burny, fruity. This is a "should not have had this on lunch" type of dram. Big fan!

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WhiskyOClock commented

Sound interesting. Not used to what sounds like such an aggressive Glenmo. I've not come across it before; does it have an age statement or is special cask bottling or such? Were you able to tame the burn with some water, or is it too much of a beast?

12 years ago 0

yossiyitzak commented

I'll re-read the bottle but, I don't think there is an age statement. WIth the amount of spirit involved, I want to say it's pretty young (10yrs at most). It's only lived in one cask, new wood from the Ozarks. I expected it to be like the Astar but it was very different.

It may have burn but, it's a good burn - keeps you coming back for more. I'm not one to add water. My take on water is that the bottlers bottled the liquid like this for a reason. They get paid to do that stuff. Who am I to change their vision? It's like asking a master chef from a 5 star restaurant for some salt. My opinion only...

12 years ago 0

manningsmith commented

I have a bottle of this in my cabinet, probably the third bottle of it for me. It's a duty free bottle. 1 Litre size for US customs. I'll have to come back with my own review, when I don't have a cold. What I can tell you now is that this is a favorite among my poker buddies. Everybody likes it. Okay, not everybody. People who like big whiskies like it. I tend to add a splash of water most of the time. It really does open it up past the burn to some nice flavors. For the record, I would never call this a beast. Thanks for the review.

12 years ago 0

molom8 commented

i let a good friend of me taste it but he thought it was to strong, so he asked me to add some water. i tasted it too with some water, but i have to say i don't like it at all.for me it has to come pure.but as they say you can't argew about taste; enjoy it folks.

11 years ago 0

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