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Glenrothes 1991

Fruity and digestible

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@TheMueReview by @TheMue

23rd Oct 2009


Glenrothes 1991
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The Glenrothes 1991, bottled in 2006, is a warm, fruity, and digestible counterpart to Islay malts. If you had a good day and don't need an intense malt, the Glenrothes is the right companion for you. The nose gets welcomed by flavours of orange and vanilla, together with very slight notes of peanuts and even less turpentine.

The body of the Glenrothes 1991 is soft and warm. It suites with rich notes of toffee and berries. It's a pleasure to hold it in the mouth for a moment before swallow it. After that, the palate is once again soft and warm, lasts a long time and contains wonderful notes of vanilla.

Overall the Glenrothes 1991 is a very good candidate for every whisky collection.

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jeanluc commented

Excellent review. Always wanted to try Glenrothes, even more now.

14 years ago 0

jdcook commented

Good review! I had heard good things about the 1991 - it's now been added to my wishlist.

14 years ago 0

Getafix commented

Good review, I had this a while ago, sadly it's all gone. i now purchase 4 bottles at a time, consume one and save the others for a while. This was one of the best glenrothes I have had, the 1968 was also very nice!

13 years ago 0

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