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Glenrothes 1998 vintage

Fresh and well-made Speysider

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@WhiskyNotesReview by @WhiskyNotes

13th Nov 2009


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Nose: initially hints of dry flowers, cereals and butter caramel / toffee. Easy to see this is a sibling of the Glenrothes Select Reserve, but with a more refined character. Quite fresh with a slight nuttiness. Notes of vanilla and citrus fruits. Lemon grass. Sweet honey. Mouth: starts gently on honey, fruity marmalade and apple. Quite sweet and vanillated. Some coconut. More depth when the spices kick in (mostly cinnamon). Finish: medium length with a lovely spicy profile (nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla).

This Glenrothes 1998 has more depth than you would expect from a 10 year-old. Not overly complex but fresh and well-made!

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ryanloewe commented

You picked up on a lot of the same flavors I did with this. Just got this recently and really like it. It's my first and only venture into the Glenrothes line. At a relatively young age for a Speysider it's got a decent amount of complexity and refinement.

Quantifying something so subjective with a number always seems a little goofy to me. Your 6.5 initially made me think you were unimpressed, but I found the actual content of your review agreeable to my opinion. I would put it somewhere around 7.5-8.0, but we all have our own personal meters.

In fact, after writing that last sentence I checked your review history and a quick scan revealed you have far, far more experience with a range of malts I could only dream of having access to. So, with that context your rating seems just right.

12 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

Yes, I can imagine that my marks may seem harsh for some people, but personally I think 6.5 is a very good score for a young and relatively inexpensive whisky. Try to have a sip of a 1960's Glenrothes and you'll know why this couldn't possibly get a

12 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

(too quick) ... why this couldn't possibly get an 8.5 or 9.0 like some people would give to make clear that it's really good.

12 years ago 0

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