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Grant's Family Reserve

A Most Competent Blend

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@VolksReview by @Volks

18th Jan 2013


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An entry level whisky, it doesn't have massive complexity or delicacy but its very decent, enjoyable and accessible blend.

  • Nose: honey, grassy notes some caramel and plenty of barley sugar. With water caramel really comes through with buttery note as well, a grape note is there too, grassy notes really quieten down which is a shame.

  • Pallet: barley sweet comes through first, nice light body, loads of fruitiness that didn’t come through from the nose, some more caramel moves quickly across the pallet. With water ever sweeter and lighter, but all the elements are still there

  • Finish: little spicy which livens things up, caramel plays a more prominent role here, good length too. With water slightly sharper, more citrus then the neat elements, but the finish is a bit dryer with water (about a teaspoon for me)

  • Mark – neat 8, with water 8

Overall: it doesn't get a massive mark but its a really solid dram. occasionally its nice to have an "easy" dram rather than really thinking and concentrating on a more challenging malt. Really good stuff

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YakLord commented

Have you tried either of the other Grant's Reserve bottlings (the Ale Cask and Sherry Cask)?

8 years ago 0

Volks commented


im afraid not, havent actually seen them around alot now i think about it.

8 years ago 0

bennibarrel commented

I like this blend too. this one and famous grouse are my favorite blends so far, the dimple 12yo is also good.

8 years ago 0

Volks commented

@bennibarrel, yeh im very curious about the dimple, keen to try.

8 years ago 0

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