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Grant's Family Reserve

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@ClanVidelaReview by @ClanVidela

15th May 2013


Grant's Family Reserve
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Before I was reviewing this classic blend I was trying out some similar easy going blends like Vat69, Bushmills and Famous Grouse. They all possess some unique features and so does this stereotypic blend. As it's blended by Grant's I was looking for some fiddich in there but I'm sad to say I'm still looking. The nose was quite a shock for me with aerosol spray cans, aceton, basically hairspray. Not a very pleasing start that's for sure. After letting the whisky settle for a couple of minutes you at least start to pick other things as well like yeast, grapes and caramell. The whisky is very dyed and is at least a couple of tones browner then my other blends. Tastewise it's just as off balance as the nose. Bitter oak with hints of malty sugar. The finish is like someone locking you in the sawmill, long and woody with some dry aftertaste of bitter sour oak. The big question is how can this be one of the best selling whiskies of all time? Hopefully I just had some bad luck with this bottle but I really expected more from the master crafters of Glenfiddich.

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