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Green Spot Single Pot Still

One Rather Boring Unicorn...

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31st May 2011


Green Spot Single Pot Still
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According to Ian Buxton, this is supposed to be one of the best Irish whiskey currently in production. In fact, he considers this one of the very rare and exclusive "holy grail" of whiskeys... I was therefore quite excited when time came to open a bottle with some friends this last St Patrick's Day. Sadly, however, the spirit did not truly live up to my (very high)expectations. Here's what I think of it anyways.

Nose: Not really that much going on. First white fruit, with a clear ripe pear dominance. Wax and soapy notes on the background. Maybe just a hint of lavender as well, which gives a savon de Marseille kind of vibe.

Palate: First wax, then apples, pears, and vibrant citrus. Very fresh and clean, with some slightly bittersweet grape-fruit flavour. Some oak notes on the background, with maybe a very small hint of vanilla as well as something delicately floral. Quite easy to drink and low-profile overall, with a rather volatile mouth feel (induced maybe by the combination of triple distillation and chill filtering...)

Finish: Not the longest of all. Again very clean and refreshing, with a dry edge. Pear notes dominate once again.

Conclusion: Overall a decent whiskey which is far from being painful to drink. However, there is a clear lack of depth which just makes you scream out for "more". Not sure if this is worth all the praise some experts have been giving it over the years. Yet, who am I to say this! Most female members of our whisky club actually love it...

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