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Greenore 8 Year Old

8 Year Old Irish Corn Whiskey

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@VictorReview by @Victor

19th Feb 2011


Greenore 8 Year Old
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Cooley Distilleries in the Republic of Ireland makes 8, 15 and 18 yr old Greenore Maize Single Grain Whiskeys. Currently no other 'Single Grain' products are produced by Cooley other than the maize version. Cooley posts a few highly questionable comments about the nature and uses of 'Grain Whiskeys' on its site while describing the Greenore Whiskeys. This language will have to be rethought if they ever want "Single Grain" to mean something other than Maize, and to put out either a wheat or a rye 'single grain' whiskey-- since wheat and rye are both much more flavourful than barley-malt

Nose: a very nice bouquet of mostly wood flavours, featuring caramel, vanilla, honey, a touch of rosewater, and a trace of grain

Taste: there is definitely a nice subtle underlying maize flavour here, but as with younger aged corn whiskeys, like Mellow Corn, the wood flavours are much more powerful than tasting the grain. There is a lot of vanilla, caramel, and toffee. There is a touch of oatmeal flavour in the profile as well

Finish: rather long, with sweet caramel the dominant flavour. The finish is not as enjoyable as the delivery

Balance: This is a pleasant whiskey, but like younger aged Corn whiskeys, it is an adventure in wood, not an adventure in grain. I am now convinced that either a very well made unaged corn whiskey or one that is aged no more than maybe one year, would be the best way to taste the grain known as maize=corn. I expect that in the near future some artisan distilleries, probably in the US, will give me the really clear taste of corn for which I have been looking

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markjedi1 commented

@Victor, for completeness' sake, allow me to say that they also have a 6 Year Old (albeit only for the Swedish market) and a 19 Year Old Single Cask exclusively sold in Dublin Airport's duty free shop 'The Loop'. I already have the 6 Year Old and if all goes well, should have the 19 single cask by the end of the month. Tasting notes will follow :) Having said that: nice review!

13 years ago 0

Victor commented

Thank you, @markjedi1, both for the additional Greenore information and for enjoying the review. As a fellow grain flavour lover, I'll bet that you are ready to try that Quinoa whisky! (yes, that one will be awhile from now, I think) But, if you get the chance, do try that High West Silver Whiskey Western Oat-- oatmeal in a glass!

13 years ago 0

Victor commented

10.6 years after this review I am having some of my Greenore 8 yo Single Grain whiskey from Cooley distillery, bottled in 2007 @40% ABV. The 10 years of air time has been helpful to its flavour, giving it more depth and buttery richness than in the early years. I was very unhappy with this bottle at first, which is reflected in the fact that I have consumed only 10% of this bottle in 10.6 years. Not that it was horrible, but it was rather non-descript at first and I was enraged that I spent $ 55 for this and did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my $ 12 bottle of Mellow Corn from Heaven Hill. I enjoy it more now and would rate it today at 83/100 points. After a very long wait it is a whiskey which I can look forward to drinking. .

2 years ago 0