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Haig Fine Old Blended Whisky

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28th Jul 2012


Haig Fine Old Blended Whisky
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This bottle came into my possession mainly thanks to the sharp eyes of my dad, who spotted it on the back of a fellow milkmans van. Now the story is that the other milko was going to drop this bottle off around xmas at an old peoples home he delivered to, however my dad spotted it and thought I would prefer it! My dad had been given 2 bottles of wine by customers, but doesn’t drink it, so he did what any good father would, swapped the wine for the whisky! After doing a bit of digging it wasn’t the standard yellow label bottling which is sold, it looked like an American bottle with a different capacity to normal.

Anyway on to the actual review now! To my eyes the whisky seemed bronzed, almost over-tanned in colour (kind of fake tan). On the nose it came across as very natural, a kind of organic vegetable aroma. There was also a sharpness to it, which seemed to pinch through the air. The taste to me though was slightly different, still with a sharpness to it, however there is also a sweetness there, kind of like cake icing. I also picked up the tang of apples in there, cooking apples that you would find in a crumble or pie.

There was a decent, rounded finish which didn’t overstay its welcome, leaving a pleasant zing on your tongue before disappearing for good. All in all I thought this was a very solid blend, not the greatest I have ever tried but you can see why Haig has been a brand that continues to get decent reviews.

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Victor commented

I wonder when your Haig was produced. I came into a bottle from a friend's deceased father's collection which was probably made, and opened, 40+ years ago. I wonder how similar new Haig would be to old Haig, excluding oxidation effects. This ancient stuff I have now is still drinkable, though no big treat.

11 years ago 0

Alanjp commented

I did try to do a bit of digging actually as to when the bottle was made etc, but with limited knowledge I didnt get very far. I did have a little bit of help though which led me to realise it wasnt a UK bottling. It would be interesting to compare the old & new Haig, just to see how they measure up against each other.

11 years ago 0