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Happy Birthday!!

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By @paddockjudge @paddockjudge on 27th Oct 2013, show post

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paddockjudge replied

Thank you for the birthday wishes @Hewie @Nozinan @bwmccoy @RianC, @talexander, @fiddich1980, @Victor, @cricklewood, and @Astroke.

@Nozinzn, it is true, I am well aged. @Hewie, I did celebrate with something special. @bwmccoy, I am looking forward to the next one. @RianC, a great dram was indeed shared. @cricklewood, good whisky for sure, as for great health it remains to be seen. @Victor, you are the Original Whisky Match Maker. This kind of friendship can't be measured in time, but we can try, with additional long-aged cask strength pours.

My kids prepared the perfect birthday meal, BBQ chicken wings and burgers. The charcuterie was excellent, featuring home made sopressata salami. The cheese board was loaded with a nice selection including my favourite, 30 month parmigiano reggiano. A spinach salad decorated in berries and pine nuts drizzled with olive oil-balsamic-maplesyrup dressing (no spices). Blueberry pie, what else would you expect, eh? We sipped a bourbon barrel-aged cab sav and put a king-sized dent in a bottle of Wiser's Legacy L16288. An absolutely majestic whisky. My kids are great!


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paddockjudge replied

CANADA 152....Celebrating 152 Years... of well aged whisky.

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Victor replied

Happy 152nd Birthday, Canada!

@paddockjudge the cumulative age of those six bottles is up not far from 152 years, is it not? Is the number exactly 152?

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BlueNote replied

@paddockjudge It's also a hockey team: goalie, 2 defencemen and 3 forwards with Wendel Clark wearing the "C". Very Canadian. maple_leaf

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paddockjudge replied

@BlueNote, I like where you are going with that hockey angle, definitely an all-star lineup.

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