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Highland Park 12 Year Old

Great Balance for the price

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@robsm2013Review by @robsm2013

25th Jan 2013


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Interestingly, when I first opened this bottle and poured my first glass to nose it several years ago; I thought I wouldn't like it as I recall my very first thought: bourbon. I remember sensing bitter fruit with hints of vanilla. It could have been something else influencing the palette, just as wine can be complementary or disagreeable with different foods; I feel it is the same with whiskies. The truth is, Highland Park is absolutely delicious; superior in texture and complexity; flavours seem to be released in stages, priming the palette with strong notes of honey, sweetness, and a glucose-like, rich texture, and then converting to notes of floral, berries, and a general warm smoothness that coats the tongue. Finish is definitely long - lingering, and also converts back from the floral where it left you, to the sweet notes of honey and caramel that initiated the experience. A great balanced whisky for the price -


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Rigmorole commented

Yes, good for the price, to be sure, but underwhelming. Compared to HP 18, the 12 is an ugly step child that expects you to heap praises upon mediocrity ; )

9 years ago 0

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