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Highland Park 30 Year Old

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

10th Sep 2013


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The Highland Park 30 Year Old is considered to be one of the best whiskies produced on Orkney, but unfortunately costs about 435 EUR. I can only afford a miniature, but I do believe this is a good way to discover expensive whiskies.

Oh, God, what a great nose! Very creamy and sweet on honey and heather like we are used to from HP, but with loads of extras. In no particular order: brown sugar (cassonade graeffe), peach, beeswax, vanilla, liquorice, Orkney peat, milk chocolate, biscuit, mint, aniseed, toffee, apricots, leather, nutmeg. I could go on. I think the word complex was invented to describe this nose.

Very creamy on the palate with the same fruit as on the nose and more. Everything comes back and is upholstered with dried fruit like raisins and dades, but also figs and oranges. Make that orangettes. A great whiff of smoke and briny element. Yep, my night is made. The oak makes it slightly drying, but not disturbing in the least.

Wonderfully long finish op spices, peat and all the sweetness your heart desires.

Wow, the 18, 21, 25 and now the 30 Year Old. It keeps getting better. Unfortunately, this is the end of the line for me, for I cannot afford the 40 and 50 Year Old (hint, hint). This is certainly one of the best Highland Park I have had the good fortune to try.

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Rigmorole commented

Just out of curiosity, why the "1" in your name? Is there a MarkJedi without the 1?

7 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

@rigmarole, that's a good question, but it's a handle I created for another website ages ago which needed not only letters, but also at least one number. And it stuck with me ever since. And no, there is only one MarkJedi :-)

7 years ago 0

McTeague commented

A very nice review. To me the 30 is the most complex, best balanced and most satisfying of the whole HP range up to that year. I much prefer it to the 25 I had, which was unfortunately a little tired. Not the 30! Full of life and flavor. And it has the balance and depth I find so missing in the 18.

Now if I had to be on a desert island with the HP 30 or the Talisker 30, which would I choose......?

6 years ago 0

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