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Ileach Peaty

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Ileach Peaty

Product details

  • Brand: Ileach
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Ileach Peaty

The Ileach simply means ‘him from Islay’. It is a single malt from this Mekka of the peated whisky and through the grapevine I heard it whispered that this might in fact be a young Lagavulin. I am not so certain. There are different releases at differing ABVs bottled, but I will be trying the 40% version. It has a clear copper color with an orange sheen…

Boy, loads of peat on the nose. Iodine, sea spray, seaweeds, stockfish and oyster sap. Underneath some wet earth and dark fruit, although I cannot pinpoint any in particular. I do get some overripe banana and green apples, maybe. Evolves towards goat cheese with raisins and then towards stable scent. Quite pleasant!

The arrival is rather weak and watery, to be honest. Mildly drying, by the way. Sweet, certainly, but immediately the maritime and slightly medicinal elements kick in. Pepper, liquorice and dried spices. Some vanilla takes care of sweetness.

The finish is medium long on more of the same, but with a dry, salty edge at the death.

Around 25 EUR, which is more than okay fort his bottle. Thanks, Pat!

I tried this tonight at a friends house and I definitely agree with this review. Smoky, maritime nose with some unidentifiable sweetness, very thin mouthfeel but a rather lingering finish. It makes me curious for the CS version.

As luck would have it, I currently have the cask strength version sitting on my desk, waiting to be tried. I shall have tasting notes in the near future :-)


Ileach Peaty is an independently bottled Islay malt from the Highlands and Islands Whisky Company. It is a bargain considering the price. No one knows for sure what distillery it is from but rumour has it that it is a 5yr old Lagavulin.

Nose is big, smoky bacon, Peat and sweet smoke. In the mouth you get more smoke, hint of vanilla but it is overpowered by earty, lightly spiced smoke. The finish is as you would expect...smoky. Tingle in the middle of the tongue.

I wish this was 46% but even still it is lovely.

I've just had a sample of Ileach, very tasty whisky and Lagavulin comes to mind but i'm not 100% sure, i must have a bottle for further experimentation

I'm told different batches may be from different distilleries.


Colour: Dark gold (probably not natural?)

Nose: Young peat and strong iodine hit the nose first with hints of seaspray and some pepper. Malty notes emerge with sweet smoke and honey.

Palate: Smooth, medium bodied, green earthy peat, dry, green pepper, maybe just a hint of sweet spice late in the palate.

Finish: Lingering, Smoke, dried herbs and earthy notes linger long after.

Comments: Seems a young, with not a lot of notable oak character, but peat lovers will enjoy the pure peaty flavours that dominate the whisky.

Just bought a bottle and had a first taste. I totally agree with your review. This whisky seems quite young. As far as I have understood this is a Lagavulin. Here in Norway this bottle (the 40%) is just 6 pounds cheaper than the Lagavulin 16, and the difference is striking. This cannot even be half the age of the Laga 16. But a nice everyday dram anyway.

Just tried it now and you are bang on the colour and iodine. Excellent review.

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