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Isle of Jura 10 Year Old

A Lively and Exciting Dram

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@jbootheReview by @jboothe

28th Jul 2012


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Isle of Jura 10 year old caught me off guard the first time I tried it a couple years ago. The nose immediately struck me as containing notes similar to those often found in tequila. I do like a good tequila every now and then, but this struck me as a bit odd. After a few dram sessions, though, I came to appreciate this lovely drink and find myself coming back to it on occasion when I am looking for a lively and exciting dram.

The nose is rather distinctive, in my opinion, as compared to the many other single malts in my collection. Though, it has softened a bit over time after the bottle has been open. Either that, or my nose is better trained! I get a nice combination of sweet honey and caramel, some tequila-like notes, and citrus fruits.

The palate is lively, with sweet honey on the front, some salty and smoky peat and pepper in the middle, and some soft citrus fruit on the end with a hint of bitterness.

Overall, I really enjoy Jura 10 and think it's one of those whisky collection essentials.

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