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Isle of Jura Superstition

Very superstitious.. writings on the wall

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@jeanlucReview by @jeanluc

8th Sep 2009


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The first thing that hits you about the nose is an orange blossom fragrance combined with a underlying smokey peatiness. Its aromatic with subtle floural qualities to it, not overpowering though.

I'm getting nutty biscuits and the lingering air of a continental sweet shop.

I take a sip and it bites a little on my lips with a hint of spice.

A proper taste now, hold it in... its feathery and light on the palate, then the complex flavours come in with a richness like toasted nuts.

The finish is long and smooth as a sweetness hits you with touches of orange peel. Hints of a French dessert wine and then back to the smoke, like a campfire dying down.

This is a flamboyant whisky - most enjoyable - though its not something I'd go to every day.

It really stands out, I don't think I've tasted anything like it before - an interesting contrast to its honest, more rugged Island cousins.

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yossiyitzak commented

Good review. I will have to go back for a re-taste. I just picked up a bottle and my initial reaction was that there was not a lot of complexity -- this dram had a sole purpose; to soothe and relax the taster making you say "wow, that's just a good dram!"

My wife reminded me that my allergies were going a little crazy the past few days so, I think I need to come back after I've got a full dose of Claritan and re-nose this.

On the upside, even with my senses compromised by allergies, this was a great dram. So good, I had two helpings last night :)

13 years ago 0

JohnoftheYard commented

I found the standard Jura a bit dull, I will check this out next time I'm in the pub.

13 years ago 0

JonasPothelm commented

Agree 100% with your review. In the nose I recognised chocolate and 'sweet fruit with a glimp of bitterness' (Cherry? Orange?) and hints of peat. Spice and wood on the tongue. Sweet, honey and maybe licorice. Hints of peat. Towards the end cashew nuts, peat and barbecue-smoke. Supprisingly rich taste. Salt and sweet sherry in the tale. I think we recognise the same flavours.

13 years ago 0

butephoto commented

John, this is only slightly less dull than the standard bottling.

13 years ago 0

Agnostia commented

Hi. Is there a possibility of finding this superstitious drink in India? I mean not the IMFL variety (which ironically means Indian made foreign liquor, but the original matured on the island of jura? And can I contact you somehow? my email id agnostia@gmail.com. What's yours?

13 years ago 0

Spartan commented

This doesn't seem to be available in America! That is unfortunate!

13 years ago 0

dXIIIr commented

I just bought and tasted this one two weeks ago, and I must say it's exactly as you describe it..unique in taste, but not quite convincing. One word: average.

13 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

For those who have sort of kindly trashed this whiskey - you may be right on - however I do wonder if it simply needs a few months to open up. I bought a bottle of HP18 - which I was horribly disappointed upon opening. Victor consoled me by informing me it needed 3 - 4 mos to open up and let the flavors release. My experience is telling me that Victor knows what he is talking about - and I have found the same on an individual pour level - 20 - 30 minutes smells and tastes a lot better than right out of the bottle (really true for Tal18).

10 years ago 0

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