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Isle of Jura Superstition

Superstitious Minds

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

6th Jun 2011


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First of all I would like to refer you to my Whiskypod video reviewing this fine dram at Whisky Live earlier this year! It can be found here www.connosr.com/whiskypod/video/wll031/

I’ve only tried one Jura whisky before, and needed to expand my knowledge/range without a doubt! So I went for the lightly peated Jura Superstition, which to be honest caught my eye purely because of the name, and at the time of tasting Richard Paterson had just been entertaining the crowd with tales of Jura!

On the nose you get the peat coming through, but it’s also quite sweet and soft. When sampling it you pick up some honey, nuts, and fruit as well as it smoothly glides down! Extremely easy to drink, one that I could get through quite quickly (although I am at present doing my best to savour the bottle!). I found it had a short finish, but I am always quick to say that a quick finish to a dram is not always a bad thing!

I would agree with some opinions that it is certainly one of a kind, Jura have put out an affordable, all round blinder here which is a great malt to come back to time and time again

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beduffboy commented

I've had my eye on this whisky, a local store has it reduced. After reading your review i think i'll give it a blast.

10 years ago 0

Peatpete commented

This is one that suprises me with the consistantly high marks that it recieves, and the favourable comments. I found it to be dull, boring, and remarkably tastless. It was one of the earlier bottles on my whisky journey, and not one that I look back on with any fondness. Something that I have noticed is that in liquor shops where the staff know what they are talking about, I have only ever been been advised against buying two whiskies. I have a couple of times been advised to purchase Supernova instead of Octomore (and I do love the Supernova!) And on 3 different occassions the advice I have heard about Superstition is "Just don't". It does, however, have a pretty bottle.

10 years ago 0

smoothhead commented

if you're coming from jw it might be a revelation but as far as a good singlemalt goes pretty dull, not that distinct, easy to drink with little lasting finish, bit rough , next...

10 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

Jura Superstition is one of my favority all-rounder whiskies ... I find that it has just the right amount of the right kind of creamy peat, that plays well with the other flavors, and does not dominate.

If you have not taken a liking to it, it could be a different bottling, or you did not position the ank in the palm of your hand while pouring ... as the website directs.

10 years ago 0

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