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Isle of Jura Superstition

An 18 year olds take.

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SReview by @Seany

13th Dec 2011


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Now lads and ladies you'll have to be patient with me here, I'm only 18 and so my experiences with the finer side of whiskys have been somewhat sparse, and those encounters that I have had usually included a cheap blend, followed by a very hazy night and later a sore head. I recently finished my 2011 uni exams and so to celebrate I deceided to treat myself to a nice bottle of whisky to enjoy and appreciate for a change. Being a skint student I perused the shelves of my local mega-asda to find a shiny box containing a very attractive bottle of Jura superstition. Now as its nearing crimbo and it was at an amazing price of £20 i decided to buy one. Got back to my student digs, no distractions and popped open the bottle and poured a dram.

Nose: Fudgy vanilla, slight smoke peat and tree bark with a little orange peel coming in with time.

Taste: Sweet sweet honey, vanilla, pine resin, treacle, light bonfire smoke, touch of brine towards the end and sherbert, further orange influence.

Finish: Mellow honey though to a dry finish with a slight smoke influence, vanilla just whispering away. Leaves you with creamy smoke.

I'm going to be honest I was very very pleased with this whisky, I know it may not be to everyones taste and I realise there are a heap of reviews but maybe I could give a different insight into this butiful whisky, and what a steal for 20 quid. If you have an asda near you I highly suggest you get there and try a bottle of this. Thumbs up from a drunken student. :)

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AboutChoice commented

Nice review @Seany ! Actually Jura Superstition is one of my favorites; it's one of those bottles that, in a way, has it all. It is never boring, but always engaging, and nicely balanced among all it's various characters.

10 years ago 0

mattberg commented

nice review mate... great Whisky Jura.. just grabbed a couple of bottles of 21 yo and and a rare cask strength 18yo will review soon.

10 years ago 0

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