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Isle of Jura Superstition

Apocalypse Now for taste buds

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

11th Feb 2013


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"I love the smell of napalm in the morning" said Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore played by Robert Duvall. This line would go well with Jura Superstition. Smoke is very subtle in this one and the spiciness takes over in taste and finish. That's why it was pure napalm in my mouth, in a good way. I'm not a big fan of spicy food and this was in fact, the first spicy whisky that I had tasted. I guess that's why it felt very spicy for me. The distillers say, it has "hints of smoke and spice". For me those spice hints were more like a bunch. But I'm not complaining. This was exciting and it gave me a whirlpool of taste and spice in my mouth. And a heavy kick in the throat. Just like I want my whisky to kick!

I could almost hear Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and the cavalry coming in to fuel my mouth with fire. And in this case, not with smoke, with pure fire! I can surely recommend this one for people who like spicy food. But I'll also recommend it to everyone because of its complex flavor rollercoaster. This was the first taste of Jura for me and it got me thirsting for more of their whisky range.

Nose: Sweet with hints of cream, I guess there was smoke too

Taste: White and black pepper mixed in with hints of smoke and fruits and nuts

Finish: Long aftertaste because of the spices, there's a little bit of honey as well but the spiciness takes over very much.

Balance: Sweet and peppery with honey and wee smoke very nicely combined together.

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OldJas commented

This sounds like you really enjoyed it, but a 79 is in "mediocre territory." Would you buy it again?

I'm about halfway through a bottle. It was a good buy for a thoughtless sipper at $35, but I don't love it. I'd probably throw a ~79 at it too, but with much less enthusiastic comments. :) To really make it worthwhile, I've been spiking my drams with a heavy splash of McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt (peated, muddy, and dark).

9 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

This whisky gave me mixed emotions. It has lots of taste in it and the spices were exciting. But because I'm not a fan of spicy food or whisky it was only decent enough to get near 80 points. So I decided to give it 79, which is always a conflicting number in ratings.

I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy my favorite whiskies. But I liked it because it gave me totally new experiences. I had never tasted something like this before (same goes with Arran 10, which I didn't like but would recommend it to people just to get interesting whiskies to taste).

Thanks for the reference (McCarthy's). Hadn't heard about it before and I'm always keen on new peat experiences.

9 years ago 0

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