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Isle of Jura Superstition

A charmer

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@galgReview by @galg

5th Apr 2010


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Color: Rich Gold (not sure it’s not artificially colored).

Nose: Quite peaty. Not Islay peaty, and medicinal but the peat is there. Smoke can also be detected.On second sniff, I am getting some orange notes as well. i hope that my nose is not off due to the cold I've had a few days ago… .

Palate: Peat is here to stay. Again, it’s not Islay peat, it’s more earthy, without the coastal stuff. There is something else besides the peat, i guess i can describe it as shortbread with nuts…

Finish: The finish is smokey and quite long. The fruit is also there (remember the oranges?). Not bad at all!

Summing up:

A very different sort of peaty style. a nice drift from the big medicinal tarry Islays, into Jura land. If you like some subtle peat, than this one is up your alley. It’s not Over complex, but it’s not just about peat in your face.

I do think i will have more of this in the future. a Good dram, not excellent, but has quite a unique character to it. Jura style.

Price wise, i think it’s logically priced, and is certainly offers a good ROI.

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WhiskyNotes commented

Try to find the Superstition. That's even more unique (although not perfect either).

12 years ago 0

WhiskyNotes commented

I meant: try to find Jura Prophecy...

12 years ago 0

PeatAndMeat commented

Prophecy (which I liked) is worth a punt if you were keen on the Superstition. Both leagues apart from the Jura 10.

12 years ago 0

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