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Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Smooth and Subtle

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

18th Mar 2015


Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve
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Jameson 12 yr Special Reserve Color: Bullion Gold ABV: 40%

Snifter, splash of water

This whiskey was created with drinkability in mind. Give it a splash of water and let it breath a bit. The aromas and flavors that come through are pleasant, and subtle.

Being more of a scotch drinker, less subtlety in what I drink is typically preferred, and It seemed like faster, quicker, sips were necessary to find the individual flavors. Before I knew it, I had finished the dram, and at a remarkable pace... This is when it became apparent to me just how very easy this whiskey is to drink.

Almost instinctually a second dram was poured and a toast to St. Patrick was made. It's his day after all...

Nose-21: bread, oak, orange, cedar, medicine

Palate-19: light flavors, barley, maple, buttery biscuits

Finish-21: a wave of warming oak, followed by a light tingling of molasses, and floral notes

Balance-22: well balanced, subtle flavors that are intentionally smooth.


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