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Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

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Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Product details

  • Brand: Jameson
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Age: 12 year old

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Jameson 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Jameson 12 yr Special Reserve Color: Bullion Gold ABV: 40%

Snifter, splash of water

This whiskey was created with drinkability in mind. Give it a splash of water and let it breath a bit. The aromas and flavors that come through are pleasant, and subtle.

Being more of a scotch drinker, less subtlety in what I drink is typically preferred, and It seemed like faster, quicker, sips were necessary to find the individual flavors. Before I knew it, I had finished the dram, and at a remarkable pace... This is when it became apparent to me just how very easy this whiskey is to drink.

Almost instinctually a second dram was poured and a toast to St. Patrick was made. It's his day after all...

Nose-21: bread, oak, orange, cedar, medicine

Palate-19: light flavors, barley, maple, buttery biscuits

Finish-21: a wave of warming oak, followed by a light tingling of molasses, and floral notes

Balance-22: well balanced, subtle flavors that are intentionally smooth.


Smooth review of a smooth sipper @BARutledge.


I bought this bottle to share with friends to celebrate St. Patrick Day.

Color: Golden-Straw

Nose: Floral, vanilla, oak, hints of fruit to what specifically Im wasn't entirely sure, and lots of sticky sweet caramel.

Body: Light bodied yet notably smoother than the original.

Taste: Slightly spicy oak, vanilla, and spices in the way of cinnamon. Toffee and malted barley is also noted.

Finish: Short yet warming with fall baking spices and barley.

Overall: Much better than the original Jameson. But I fear that this a little simple maybe its just me but I will probably buy an upgrade next time.

With a second dram I've uncovered the fruits I smelled earlier. They comprise of apples and raspberries. I also noticed red berries specificly raspberries again. Most interesting development I am going to raise my review to 83 from 81.


I have been drinking almost exclusively Scotch whisky as of late, but decided to try this to change things up a bit. This is the first Irish whiskey I have tried and was not expecting this to add up when compared to Scotch, but this really surprised me in a good way and I found this just as enjoyable and I was quite impressed.

I drank this neat in a Libbey rocks glass, with a glass of tap water on the side. The nose is sweet with hints of wood. The first thing I noticed when tasting is that this is a little lighter than a lot of the other whiskys I've had. It is pleasant going down and has no burn or harshness from the alcohol. I picked up notes of honey, caramel, wood and somewhat floral flavors at the end. I found this whiskey to be quite enjoyable and will definitely be drinking this again.


Nose: sweet and oaky, of a moderate intensity, some honey, caramel,and maple

Taste: excellent combination of barley and barley-malt flavours with good wood flavours of caramel, vanilla, honey, some spice and a little maple sugar

Finish: the grain flavours leave early, but the wood flavours and sweetness last a moderate time

Balance: the wood has added a very great deal here to the grain package, tasting almost bourbon-like. The flavours are very pleasant and work well together. This is much more refined than the basic Jameson, and in my judgment a very sippable blended whiskey

Jameson 12 is the latest addition to my cabinet and I opened it yesterday. My first encounter with this blend was a couple of months ago and I remember being very impressed at the time. Well, if possible I'm even more delighted by this baby since yesterday. If I'm not mistaken this is a blend of grains and pure pot still whiskey. As highlighted in this review, this whisky is quite sugary but bearing also a very refined spiciness. When @Victor writes "... Tasting almost bourbon-like" I think he is really spot on. I would go so far as to add, that this whiskey shows a lot of characteristics of bourbon, but in a subdued and understated manner. Needless to say a great bang for you buck and a whiskey to offer to all blend detractors.


I love Jameson. I got a bottle of 12 year once as a gift and was amazed at the difference noticed from their flagship whisky. Two fingers with one cube of ice. Medium-bodied and low peat. Notes of malty-ness, honey, and spice but extremely palatable. Very smooth and one the best bangs for you money. I will be buying more of this...

There no peat in it, they dont use peat to dry the malt.

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