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Jameson Irish Whisky

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@cweidlerReview by @cweidler

13th Feb 2010


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I've been a pretty big fan of Jameson during my earlier college years, but I was a young chap back then; I liked it, but I liked everything. Now that I feel I've had a bit of experience in whisky, I think it's time to actually sit down and give it a fair shake.

The first thing I get on the nose is a touch of cereal sweetness, akin to how I would imagine frosted flakes and rice crispies would smell if you pulverized them, took the grain and heated it up in a pan until they started steaming; there's the grain smell, but laced with some sugar sweetness.

It has a fairly light body with rapidly falling legs in the glass. On the palate, I get that grain cereal again, but more honey sweetness than sugar, with a touch of burnt wood and caramel on the back of the tongue, as well as a slight touch of clove. It lingers on the finish with that cereal again, and a mellow spiciness (cinnamon sprinkled over the top).

I do really enjoy this as a nice casual, everyday drinking whiskey, either neat or on the rocks, and it's a very fair price for the quality / consistency it gives. It's not the most complex thing in the world, but it is perfectly enjoyable.

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PeatAndMeat commented

A lot of people start with Jameson as its a readily available pub whiskey. I know it was one of the first I ever tried.

Like you I moved on fairly quickly to more adventurous things...

12 years ago 0

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