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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

I simply love it!

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17th Jan 2012


Johnnie Walker Blue Label
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I read and heard a lot of bad things about this dram and was very sceptical when my 10cl sample arrived today , because of various reasons. First of all: the price! 125€ compared to 50€ for the very good JW Gold are quite a big jump and I've wondered if it was justified at all. But as it turned out, JW Blue proved me wrong. Big time!

Nose: At first sight, it is so round that it is almost boring...but then I took some time to discover the different aromas and the dram started to develop. Very smooth and round with hints of smoke and sherry. Then dark fruits, a subtle sweeetness embedded in oak, indicating that this one is quite old! Harmonic but complex whilst being very well-balanced with a lot to discover. (24)

Taste: Very smooth, silky and a little oily with a wonderful harmony of smoke, spice, oak and subtle sweetness reminding me a little of dark chocolate. This one is soo smooth and silky that you could keep it in your mouth tasting for ages! Impressive! (24)

Finish: A little salt and seagrass together with lots of oak and a hint of smoke. But still silky smooth and no bitter grain finish at all like the JW Gold has it. (24)

Balance: What can I say...this is in my opinion one of the best balanced drams I've had so far. A very elegant blend from start to finish with a lot to discover and simply great! (25)

It looks like JW combined my favorite aromas and flavors and combined it in one single incredibly round and smooth dram. Problem is: the price! I hate myself for my expensive taste ^^ But this one really hit a nerve here.

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Mahlzahn commented

After having tried it more than once now, I have edited the score a little. I graded it down 2 points, because 97 seemed overall a little too high in the end. Nonetheless, I love the JW Blue and 95 is still a very good and well deserved score.

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