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Kornog "Taouarc'h Kentan"

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Kornog "Taouarc'h Kentan"

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Kornog "Taouarc'h Kentan"

Another peaty Breton from the stables of Glann ar Mor, this Taouarc'h Kentan was launched in August 2016. It matured on bourbon casks and was bottled at drinking strength. It is mildly smoky on the nose, but delivers mostly all kinds of citrus, lemon and some white grapefruit up front. Loads of vanilla, by the way, but that is countered nicely by a pinch of salt. Some green garden herbs. Yes, this is very nice and summery.
It has a good body and arrives quite powerful. After the first salty note, the citrus explodes in your mouth. Again mostly lemon, while the grapefruit evolves towards the pink variety with a nice bitterness. The whole is very clean by the way. And zesty as well. You can almost taste lemon peel. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty: it has got it all and in perfect doses. Nice! The finish continues on the same and is medium long. Yes, this was very good indeed. Recommended!


Kornog is the peated version of the Glann ar Mor whisky. This French distillery is located in Brittany, a region which has quite a lot of Celtic influence.

This is the first cask ever bottled of the peated spirit. Their (Scottish) malt has been peated to 35 ppm and matured in ex-bourbon barrels for three years.

Nose: very fresh, citrusy peat with light smoke and big notes of marzipan. A nice fruitiness as well (pears on syrup, pineapple sweets), slightly bubblegummy but very nicely so. There’s also a noticeable medicinal side (iodine, bandages) which gives it kind of a young Ardbeg profile. Hints of seaweed, rather faint but I hope this will become stronger after a couple of extra years in the maritime Breton climate. Give this dram some time and you’ll even notice some farmy notes and some garage smells.

Mouth: interesting flavours of marzipan again, with some pear and kiwi. Definitely more smokey than on the nose. Lemon. Hints of vanilla. Growing saltier towards the end.

Finish: very ashy with a big woody kick. Lots of peat.

Compared to other young peat bottlings like Kilchoman 3yo, this is more balanced (read: less peaty), more complex and surprisingly mature. Very enjoyable. Unfortunately it’s very limited and hard to find.

I would very much have liked to have try this but given the rarity I will have to look out for future bottlings. Good review.

TWE has one now!

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