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Laphroaig PX Cask

Thick BBQ sauce

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@galgReview by @galg

12th Jul 2012


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After the success of the Triple wood , and it’s migration to the general retail sector from travel retail, Laphraoig introduces another retail exclusive this time finished in PX sherry casks rather the Oloroso casks (as in the triple wood). PX being a much thicker and sweeter sherry, is sure to impart sweeter notes to the liquid. The triple wood was nice, but i had higher expectations for this one, even more after meeting John Campbell , distillery manager at Heathrow airport, after we both landed from Glasgow coming from Islay earlier this month. He was flying to the US to make some whisky there, and I returning from a trip to Jura. I asked him about this new expression, and he said it was very different and that it was a cracker. On the way home I forgot to pick a bottle of this (I am forgetful, I know), and was very happy to have a friend and member of the Whisky Israel tasting society bring it to one of our club meetings, so we can all share it, and compare it to the triple wood, even when that session dealt with blended malts (We could not resist trying it).

Nose: Lots of sherry, On first sniff the peat is not too strong, but after a few minutes in the glass the peat aromas do get more noticeable. Sweet marmalade (prune,Sultana), BBQ, Anise some smoke and Balsamic.

Palate: Big on the peat, much more than the nose would suggest.Cough syrup, very sweet, thick, with prune jam, Aniseed, and smoky wood.

Finish :Ash, BBQued meat in sweet sauce and prunes.

A very good Laphraoig, excellent sherry finish to it, and that PX does the job. It’s what i was looking for in an OB sherried Laphraoig. Its a few levels better than its predecessor the triple wood. If you like Laphroaigs, and don’t mind the sherry (god knows i don’t!), you should get one. well priced, and at 48% it’s a lovely piece of Islay drammage.

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Knucklehead commented

Great review and story....hopefully I can score a find soon

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