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Laphroaig smws 29.111 Lemon over oysters on a beach

A Rainy Night Whisky From SMWS!

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

5th Sep 2012


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Recently I've received my membership pack from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in which there were four sample bottles of cask strength whisky.

The whiskies were from a variety of whisky regions of Scotland and a variety of ages, running from ten years to twenty-one years old.

The first one I cracked open was the Campbeltown because it was the region I'd had the least amount of experience with.

The second one I decided to crack open was a sample from Islay, known for smokey, peaty whiskies which I have a soft spot for.

This whisky is from Laphroaig and is ten years old.

I decided to crack the Laphroaig tonight as a storm outside rages, pouring down rain, thunder cracking overhead.

Yep this is definitely the perfect atmosphere for an Islay single malt.

I've had quite a few Ardbegs (All yummy!), but very few Laphroaigs.

Technically I've only had the ten year old.

And by technically I mean I've only had the ten year old and no other Laphroaigs.

But hey I love a new whisky!


As the thunder cracks I decide to take a nose to my glencairn.

The whisky is PALE!

Lovely aromas that would make most non whisky geeks run in fear.

Antiseptic, hay, brown sugar, burnt toffee float out of my glass and make me REALLY want to take a drink.

Once I add a few drops of water I start picking up ice cream cones?!


The bottle said that, but I just figured that was an expression.

It's NOT!

Time for a drink!!!

Antiseptic, smoke, ashes, burnt heather, then some sweetness, those ice cream wafers, oysters and lemons.

The finish is long and intense with smoke, ashes, and hints of chocolate at the end.

Not bad!

Quite different from my usual Ardbeg,

But definitely not bad.

I'd be happy to visit this whisky again, but just like the Campbeltown that I'd tried earlier not a whisky I'd drink often.

Which could be a good thing, because I'm sure that this bottle would open up nicely after a month or two.

But once again my friends, if you're looking to find a bottle of this you're going to be out of luck unless you live in Australia.

I'm going to guess that this bottle would likely run around $150 to $190 AUS, and I'm not sure that I'd pay that for a bottle, but it would be nice to see how a bottle of this opens up over time.

This has me quite eager to try the next two bottles in the pack.

The Speysides!

My wife is gonna love these!

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