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Laphroaig Triple Wood

The Laphraoig 'Distillers Edition'?

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@galgReview by @galg

23rd Aug 2010


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Nose: Peat covered with sweeter sherry notes. Smoky stuff, like a barbecued steak in barbecue sauce in sweet marinade mixed with Teriyaki. The peat smoke is toned down by the sherry influence , which is not very surprising (see Lagavulin DE, Talisker DE). But the Laphraoig essence is definitely there. Medicinal notes are there. It’s a laphraoig after all.

Palate: Wood smoke, peat and vanilla. Ample body, and impact. sweeter and fruitier than the QC, but with a nice balance of sweet-peat. When you roll it in your mouth you get some big tannins and winey notes.

Finish : Long, smoke, ashtray, double espresso, chocolate, and some traces of fruit. Decent finish!

Bottom line:

This is a lovely expression, but i am not sure how i stand when comparing it to the ‘regular’ QC. On the one hand the sweeter tones, do add to the complexity and richness of the dram. On the other side, The sherry notes do ‘tone down’ the peat and it’s a bit muted and less biting than the regular QC. So, it’s a trade-off.

If i have to choose, i will name the QC as the winner here, it’s a better dram all in all. But, for those moments when you want a bit more than a peat profile, the TW is a good option. I do not plan to stock this one in my bar, but hey, i would very much like the odd dram here and there when visiting my mate Kfir. Whisky is best enjoyed with friends.

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Kalekas commented

Hey there galg,

I read your review of the Laphroaig Triplewood after composing my review, which was knocked out along with the last two drams of a litre bottle of the aforementioned.

Your´s is the better review, as you've put your finger on a number of issues about TW which I found, frankly, perplexing and inexplicable: The balance between sherry and peat, the unexpectedness richness of this expression, the tannins which dry out my mouth unexpectedly ...

The only thing I'd pull you up on is the long pæan to barbecued meat and marinades, but to each their own.

I think you've put your finger on the essence of this off expression when you describe it as the Laphroaig 'Distillers' Edition'. Bravo, a four word summation of all I found strange about this whisky.

9 years ago 0

Kalekas commented

The 'off' in the antepenultimate line (I've been wanting to use that word for decades) should be 'odd' I think 'off' is a little harsh, don't you?

9 years ago 0

GregLogan commented

I will add that I was initially disappointed with this scotch (esp. compared to what I initially experienced in the restaurant which was my motivating experience) - but after a couple weeks it really began to grow on me and I have come to look forward to it. I would recommend anyone try it before taking too much negative. Admittedly, I have not yet tried the QC though I have tried the 10yr which I enjoyed.

8 years ago 0

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