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Littlemill 1990 / Scott's Selection

A delicious honey lowland ghost

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21st Sep 2017


Littlemill 1990 / Scott's Selection
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It's an interesting feeling to be drinking liquid history. It doesn't automatically mean that that history isn't going to turn into a sob story, though. This Littlemill, thankfully, didn't. It is delicious. And, only after trying it and scoring it did I look up more information about the price and...yeah...it's another $400 whisky review. I can get used to this, you know. So, is it worth it?

NOSE: much fruitier than his younger brother I'm going to be talking about in the upcoming review, peaches in sugar syrup, plums, creamy vanilla, honey, more honey, Nasomatto "Baraonda" perfume (which is actually a perfume that smells like whisky), dense, rich, concentrated, sponge cake, slight oak. With water: richer, more vanilla, more delicious yellow raisins, some green notes also appear. Peaches, apricots all topped with a whole lot of caster sugar. With even more water - Vanilla cake on steroids with raisins. A very noticeable hint of milk chocolate. Mouthwatering 22/25 TASTE: mellow, slightly oily, honey again, vanilla cake with black tea tannins in the background. Some dry hay note as well. With water: more honey, more breadiness, malty, more spicy honey. Gentle oak tannins. Full-bodied, it sticks to your mouth. 21/25 FINISH: medium long, vanilla cake. After adding water – very long finish with more rounded vanilla. Malty. 21/25

BALANCE: 23/25


OVERALL IMPRESSION: there were a lot of the highly sought after, rare as hen's teeth whiskies at the event I went to, including a 30 year old cask strength Brora, Port Ellen, a vintage Macallan from the 1950's, if I remember correctly which cost like $58 for a 20ml sample. But if I'd gone after them, I would've left the event that much earlier. So, instead, I went for 2 "Littlemill"s to add to my "liquid history" collection. This one, in particular, turned out to be really nice. Very honeyed, slightly floral, with lots of flavor, but not a ton of complexity. Is it worth the money? Judging solely by the flavor profile - NO! But, since it's liquid history, it's just very nice to try something which will soon disappear for good.

Lowland whiskies, as a side note, seem to be all about honey, hay and floral flavors.

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